Steffen Verlag | Bernd Lasdin, Christine Stelzer: My guide to NEUBRANDENBURG

40 perspectives on Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg in north-eastern Germany: Personalities closely associated with the city on the picturesque Lake Tollense draw attention to places near to them – beautiful old buildings, popular resi- dential areas and locations, modern in- dustrial companies and attractive leisure destinations ... Born in Neubrandenburg and still living here, photogra- pher Bernd Lasdin has captured all this with his camera and his professional eye in opulent and atmospheric photos. The accompanying texts of author Christine Stelzer are short and concise. A book that delights in brick-red warmth and modern polish, contrasts and diversity, urban life and extravagantly beautiful natural surroundings. ISBN 978-3-95799-018-1